I have created a few knit samples I would like to share with you all! Using ladder and e-wrap technique I have created some very contrasting samples. I have used textured yarns such as acrylic with pulled loops to keep that microscopic feel.

005 019 035 043 054


I have been experimenting with beads on my knit samples to give it more of a 3D effect. I have used sequins seed beads and bugle beads which look like tiny areas of my microbiology images. Take a look!

IMAG0749 IMAG0752 IMAG0753

Not long ago I visited the University of Dundee’s microbiology and research labs. After working in textile studios for the last 3 and a half years I was a LITTLE intimidated by the amount that was going on, it was a completely different environment I was used to! I got to spend a day looking at different types of cells from the body, blood cells and tissue cells. Here’s a few images I hope you will find as interesting as i do!

heart muscle002 heart muscle003 heart muscle

thick skin 3001 thick skin001thick skin tissue

elastic cartilage001 elastic cartilage002elastic cartilage


I have been working on creating samples using e-wrap technique on single bed knitting machines. Today i got the chance to do my own photo shoot !! 🙂 the wavy loop effect creates texture and lightness on the female form and I hope you all like them !

IMG_4842 (2) IMG_4870 IMG_4890 IMG_4915 IMG_4931

As well as knitting and felting for my project, I thought weaving would be an interesting path to explore. I have started felting with wool tops, pulling on the wool giving a 3D effect to my sample.

IMAG0495 IMAG0496IMG-20141109-WA0006 IMAG0497

Using a very neutral colour palette and taking inspiration from bryozoa, I have started to sample on a single bed knit machine and also a little bit of felting. I am trying to capture the mass of tentacles and the movement of them contracting and retracting. Please check out my samples in the knit samples section under 2014/15 at the top of the page!



Here’s a wee image for you to look at, just a few pages of my sketchbook with some interesting knit samples I love and would like to share!


I wanted to think outside the box and look into things which had similar characteristics to shapes found under the microscope. A certain species that I looked into is Bryozoa, which is an aquatic moss animal which filter feeds using retractable tentacles. What drew me to them was not only the similarities, but the other details which look delicate and almost lace like. I have done a few drawings which id love you to check out in the folder named ‘Bryozoa’ under 2014/15 at the top of the page.

IMAG0402 IMAG0404 IMAG0408


This is a board I have put together with some inspirational images that are helping me along with my project. The top 2 images on the left are 2 samples produced by textile designer Lois Albinson who has used different materials for example, latex, on top of her knits to add texture, and has transferred images on top. Her work is lovely and very deliacte, please check it out here- loisalbinsonknitwear.blogspot.co.uk. There are a few examples of some loose, delicate knits which tie into the direction of my project.

Hope it inspires you too!


These are two contrasting colour stories I will be using through my project but i also think compliment each other. I have chosen yarns that will make my pieces flow together, giving them a delicate feel. Please take a look at my colour research under 2014/2015.

IMG_20141016_124908 IMG_20141014_130116IMG_20141027_154155